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  • email design & development
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  • web development

Bringing Personalized Interior Design to Your Home

I worked with Dezignable creating graphics, designing and building email templates, and giving new life to their Shop page.

As an interior design focused startup, Dezignable had a lot of very fun projects that I worked on. My main responsibilities were the email and newsletter designs and templates. I designed and built multiple responsive/hybrid email templates for Dezignable in MailChimp.

Design Patterns (Stripes & Polka Dots Included)

During the template-building process, it was requested that I add a few more rows of products to the emails. Because of the amount of code it takes for emails to retain responsiveness and display properly in clients such as Outlook 2007 and 2013, the message surpassed the 102kb size limit for Gmail and was clipped. To solve this problem, I ended up splitting the template into two - one with conditional and inline CSS for Outlook (which made up a bulk of the file size) and one without which could feature more products and still display properly for other email clients.

Email Design For Outlook?

Yup, it's possible. It just takes some compromise and a LOT of testing. Things to keep in mind when building emails for Outlook clients:

  • Use inline font styles
  • Lack of positioning, background-image, and padding (for p, div, a) support
  • Optimize for image blocking

Left: Dezignable's Shop Page Redesign

Dezignable acquired Pure Home in early 2016 along with their extensive catalog of products. Dezignable made the decision to keep the platform and shop website on Magento, and I began designing and building within a system that was very new to me.

The Shop page showcases Best Sellers and New Arrivals categories along with recent themes/trends that feature specific products.

Right: Design Board Flyer

This flyer shows how the Design Boards can be used to select products from the Dezignable catalog to furnish a room. It gives an example of how an interior designer could present products to the customer.

Below: Theme Newsletter Design

The newsletter template I designed and built for Dezignable features a theme of the week. An eye-catching header image is followed by products with direct links to purchase them on the website.

The Personal Stylist service (now called "Swank") has a section below explaining what the service is along with a Sign Up CTA and icons that demonstrate how it works. A Featured Designer and photo of their work has a section below, and finally, Dezignable's Instagram has a few posts for readers to click through to their social media page.