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ActiveLife Scientific

  • web design
  • web development
  • email development
  • product photography
  • graphic design

From Print to Email to Development

ActiveLife Scientific originally came to me for print work - designing flyers, business cards, and cleaning up their logo. After working together for a few months, they asked for my help with their Wordpress sites. The goals of the new website designs were the education of the general public about bone strength and the groundbreaking technology developed by the ActiveLife team.

ActiveLife owns three subsidiary websites which I worked on over the course of a few months. I worked within Wordpress' template system to build more attractive and user-friendly pages.

Email Development

I first began learning about email development while working on templates for ActiveLife Scientific. Each time I thought I had a bulletproof email, Outlook and Gmail would prove me wrong. These clients were especially important to ActiveLife because many professionals in the research and health fields continue to use them.

With time, practice, and hours of email testing, I learned how to optimize emails and increased percentage open rate.

Personal Growth

In the year that I contracted for ActiveLife Scientific, I learned an incredible amount about being a designer. With an open mind and a desire to master new skills, I took on hundreds of projects: slideshow presentations, business letterhead, logo design, animated graphics, responsive emails, t-shirt design, advertisements, product photography, Wordpress theme design, marketing collateral, and more.