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Big Fish Games

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Mobile games for a Desktop Audience

I joined the marketing team at Big Fish Games in December of 2016 as Web Developer and Web Designer. Big Fish Games, known for their mobile free-to-play and desktop puzzle adventure games, needed web presences for their newer titles with SEO to drive desktop users to the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

Scalable Solutions for a Growing Catalog

Big Fish Games is a publisher with an extensive number of games in their collection. Somewhat recently, they made the move from the premium desktop game model (purchase a game once) to the mobile free-to-play model (play the game for free with in-app purchases to enhance gameplay or remove ads). Their current website (https://www.bigfishgames.com/) is somewhat of a legacy web presence, maintaining product pages for over 3,000 premium games.

As part of the Marketing team at Big Fish Games, myself and two other web developers were tasked with creating what we refer to as Brand Experience Pages for new mobile free-to-play games entering the worldwide market, distinct from the premium website experience.

Reusable Design and Coding Patterns

Using the Vue.js framework, the web development team built a component library that we use to rapidly develop and launch sites under the /game/ subdirectory of www.bigfishgames.com. My role was in researching user experience and interactions around mobile game discovery, designing unique websites for various game art styles under a common templating layout, and front-end development collaboratively with the rest of the web team.